Boston Science Partnership – Science for University Faculty

The science faculty at UMass Boston, Northeastern and Roxbury Community College have special opportunities to examine their teaching, support local k-12 teachers and get support for their research and teaching efforts.

BSP programs and supports for STEM faculty

  • A half-day seminar series exclusively for STEM faculty on research-based strategies for effective science teaching at the university level, conducted by one of the premier science education leaders in the country, Dr. Arthur Eisenkraft.
  • Opportunities to develop and teach summer graduate-level science courses designed specifically for secondary science teachers.
  • Informal support and collaboration with other university faculty committed to the improvement of science teaching at all levels, from middle school through graduate school.
  • Occasional seminars and symposia on science education research and best practices.

At Northeastern University, they are hosted by the Center for STEM Education and at UMass Boston they are hosted by COSMIC