Boston Science Partnership – Teachers of Science

Boston’s science teachers are inspired, talented, dedicated. The BSP programs for teachers support everyone in their growth and development. While each of the following program areas stands alone, they reinforce each other as well. See a graphic representation here.

BSP programs for teachers

  • The Science Education Fellowship (SEF) is our newest program. The first cohort will begin in September, 2009 with a second cohort starting a year later. The goal of the project is to deepen teacher leadership within the district through focused conversations and professional development. More.
  • Contextualized Content Courses. Our CCCs run year-round and cover biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and earth science as it is taught in Boston. Since the courses are team taught with university faculty, middle school teachers and high school teachers, the graduate level content is linked to the curriculum that teachers use every day with their kids. To register, click here.
  • Collaborative Coaching and Learning in Science. CCLS allows teachers in one building to learn from each other in a structured and supportive way. Each CCLS group gets support from a staff person and selects a topic of interest to the group. Over 10 weeks the group discusses, observes one another, reads background research on that topic and integrates new ideas into teaching. More.
  • Advanced Placement (AP). The BSP supports Advanced Placement and future Advanced Placement teachers in the AP Science Support Program. We run summer institutes, bring AP classes to university laboratories, and sponsor “call-backs” in each subject so that teachers can address challenges. More.
  • Vertical Planning Institute invites teachers and university faculty to quarterly workshops to explore the district curriculum at all levels and find the through-lines for each concept. Teachers and university faculty then learn how much more they can expect from their students and how to best prepare them for their future courses. More
  • Occasional one-day seminars and symposia on current topics in science education. At Northeastern University, they are hosted by the Center for STEM Education and at UMass Boston they are hosted by COSMIC.
  • We partner with COSMIC at UMB and science teachers on the monthly science socials at local watering holes. Read about them here.

The BSP supports research about teachers’ qualifications, motivation for remaining in the field and impacts on student achievement.