Boston Science Partnership – Leadership

The Boston Science Partnership is guided by five Co-Principal Investigators. Its staff works to implement each of the strategies and day-to-day operations.Post-docs and graduate students contribute to research efforts.
There are nine partner institutions. Click here to get more information about partner institutions.


Robert Chen, University of Massachusetts Boston (Co-Principal Investigator)

Bob Chen is a Professor of Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Boston. His research interests involve carbon biogeochemistry at the interface between watersheds and costal oceans. In addition to his service to the BSP, he is the Principal Investigator of the Watershed Integrated Sciences Partnership, an NSF-funded GK-12 program involving the University of Massachusetts Boston and the school districts of Boston, Dedham and Milton. In 2005, Bob received the University of Massachusetts President’s Public Service Award in recognition of his work in K-12 education and outreach. Bob was recently honored as the first ocean scientist profiled on COSEE in an informative, interactive and engaging multimedia site. Check it out here…

Arthur Eisenkraft, University of Massachusetts Boston (Co-Principal Investigator)

Arthur Eisenkraft is a Distinguished Professor of Science Education and Director of the Center of Science and Mathematics in Context (COSMIC) at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Prior to coming to UMB, he taught high school physics for more than 28 years. He led the development of the Active Physics inquiry-based curriculum that is being implemented in Boston and other urban districts nationwide, and he also directs the NSF-funded Active Chemistry project. Arthur has served as the President of the National Science Teachers Association and received the Distinguished Service to Science Award from that organization in 2005.

Pamela Pelletier, Boston Public Schools,(Co-Principal Investigator)

Senior Program Director, Science, Boston Public Schools. Pam has extensive experience in biology and science education from her many years as a high school classroom teacher and department chair, as a professional development specialist, curriculum developer and implementation advisor, and as a district administrator. She has taught Science Methods courses at Boston University, Northeastern University and the Harvard Graduate School of Education and served as a clinical professor of student teachers at both Boston University and Northeastern University. Pam’s wide-ranging interests and expertise includes new teacher professional development, mentoring and coaching other teachers, building relationships and looking at science curriculum in other school districts, working with experienced teachers in how to support new teachers, and all areas of curriculum, especially vertical alignment, evaluation, and alternative assessment. Pam is the recipient of the Russell Stanhope Distinguished Friend of Science Award from the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers in 2008, the 1991 New Hampshire Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical Trust Award, and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) in 1991.

Hannah Sevian, University of Massachusetts Boston (Principal Investigator – on leave, 2009-2010)

Hannah Sevian is an Associate Professor in the Curriculum & Instruction and Chemistry Departments at UMass Boston. She is also the Associate Director of the Center of Science and Mathematics in Context. She earned a Ph.D. in 1992 in physical chemistry from the University of Wisconsin Madison, M.Phil. and M.S. degrees in chemical physics from Columbia University, and a B.S. in chemical engineering and B.A. in chemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her training also includes post-doctoral work in theoretical polymer chemistry at Dartmouth College, seven years of teaching chemistry and physics in urban and rural schools, and experimental materials science research while working as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been on the faculty at UMass Boston since 2001. In 2006, she was awarded the UMass President’s Public Service Award for her work to improve urban science education, and in 2007, she was awarded the Boston Higher Education Partnership’s Service Award for service to Boston Public Schools, particularly for increasing capacity for science teaching and learning. Research group website:

Christos Zahopoulos, Northeastern University (Co-Principal Investigator)

Christos Zahopoulos is a Research Professor jointly appointed in the Colleges of Engineering and Education at Northeastern University and is Executive Director of Northeastern’s Center for STEM Education. In addition to his service to the BSP, he is the Director of Project RE-SEED (Retirees Enhancing Science Education through Experiments and Demonstrations), a science classroom volunteer program that has been replicated in nine other states as well as internationally. He also recently led the Middle School Science Professional Development Project of the National Science Resources Center. In 2005, Christos was honored with the President’s Aspiration Award from Northeastern University, in recognition of his work in K-12 education and outreach.


Jennifer Dorsen

Jennifer Dorsen is the Project Director. She oversees the smooth running of all programs, staff activities, partner communication and outreach beyond the partnership. Previously she ran ScienceQuest, a National Science Foundation funded project in informal education. That project linked community centers in low-income housing with high-end computer technology and a structure for investigations into everyday science. She has prior experience with community buiding activitites around education, adult education, adult ESL domestically and internationally and training. Her Masters degree is from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Teaching and Curriculum. She holds a Massachusetts teaching credential.

Anthea Gabriel

Anthea is the Project Coordinator for the Boston Science Partnership. She has been with the BSP from the inception of the project, therefore has experienced the changes and growths over the past five years. In this role she assists the PI, Director and Associate Director in the day-to-day operations including logistics, finances, personnel and general troubleshooting. Anthea has 16 years experience working in higher education and financial institutions. Prior to joining the BSP she was the Office Manager for the Graduate College of Education, Curriculum and Instruction office.

Nick Smetana

Nick has nearly ten years experience in project and program management in not-for-profit organizations. He has worked with urban and at-risk youth in education and community-based programs in Cincinnati, OH; Louisville, KY; Portland, OR; Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & Manhattan, NY; Boston, MA; Kingston, Jamaica (West Indies); Madrid, Spain. Nick has received a Master’s degree in Secondary Science Education from Columbia University and an MS in Project Management from Northeastern University, with a specialization in not-for-profit management. He is currently pursuing a degree in Advanced Accounting from Northeastern University. Prior to joining the BSP, he spent a year living and teaching in Madrid, Spain. His daughter, Gabrielle Elisabeth, was born in June, 2009.

Allison Scheff

Allison Scheff is the Associate Project Director of the Boston Science Partnership. In this role she helps the Director to coordinate the day-to-day operations and works closely with Boston Public Schools to help increase student achievement, with a focus on coordinating the Advance Placement Science Support Program and the Science Education Fellowship. Prior to this, Allison focused on teacher hiring research with Dr. Jonah Rockoff at Columbia Business School and taught 7th grade science in New Orleans, Louisiana, as part of the Teach for America program. She has a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Virginia and a Masters degree in Education Policy from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her favorite science activities include dissecting frogs with her students, extracting DNA from peas, and cooking for family and friends (but not with those two ingredients together).


Suzanne Gill

Suzanne Gill is a Science Professional Development Specialist. Suzanne began her teaching career in Arizona at a Coalition of Essential School. Moving back to Massachusetts, she taught middle school before joining the faculty of Fenway High School (Formerly Fenway Middle College). After completing a Wright Fellowship at Tufts University, she served as a K-6 grade coach in Cambridge Public Schools. Recruited back to Boston, Suzanne worked as department head to design and create Boston Day and Evening’s Science program, including the design of graduation competencies. More recently, Suzanne worked at Social Justice Academy before joining the BPS science department as a professional development specialist in the Boston Public Schools. Suzanne was recently recertified as a National Board Certified Teacher in AYA Science: Biology. Suzanne has conducted many workshops regionally and in Japan. She has served as a Master Teacher for the State and as a Lead Teacher for Boston, designing programs and supporting teachers working toward their National Board Certification.

Jonathan McLaughlin

Jonathan, Professional Development Specialist, is a thirty-five year veteran of the high school science classroom having taught in the Boston system since 1969. His expertise is in chemistry and physics and has taught at Mass Bay Community College in addition to the Boston Public Schools. In his current role as a professional development specialist, Jonathan works with groups of teachers and individual teachers to support students learning science through focus on concrete changes, use of MCAS data and group process. Jonathan can often be found behind his point and shoot Sony camera or listening to Handel’s choral work.

Meg Watson

Bev Nadeau

Elementary Science Professional Development Specialist and Science Material Specialist. Bev has a tremendous amount of classroom experience at the elementary school level. She was a 3rd grade classroom teacher in Lawrence and Boston where she was responsible for teaching all subject areas. She is very knowledgeable about all of the elementary science units in the BPS curriculum and is responsible for maintaining the K-8 science kits. Through her science materials job, Bev has successfully designed and implemented a plan of materials distribution for Boston Public Schools. Additionally, Bev has taught graduate level science methods courses for elementary science teachers at Lesley College and for the Boston Teacher Residency Program.


Kristen Cacciatore

Kristen Cacciatore is chemistry teacher at East Boston High School and she is also a doctoral student in chemistry at UMass Boston. In her work for the BSP she coordinates and leads the AP Chemistry Saturday laboratory program, a monthly offering at the university for Boston Public Schools teachers and students, as well as contributing to other BSP support programs related to AP science. Her research at the university involves the development and study of green inquiry instructional materials for the chemistry laboratory. In her scant free time Kristen enjoys running and applying chemistry in the kitchen (cooking!).

Dr. Marilyne Stains

Dr. Marilyne Stains is a Post-doctoral Research Associate working for the Boston Science Partnership under Dr. Hannah Sevian. In her research within the BSP, Dr. Sevian and Marilyne have developed a survey that allows them to investigate and characterize the development of students’ understanding of critical scientific concepts from middle school to college. Marilyne earned her Ph.D. in chemical education from the University of Arizona in 2007. In her thesis work which resulted in three publications, she explored how students’ patterns of reasoning in chemistry evolve with increasing expertise in the field. While pursuing her Ph.D., she also taught general chemistry courses at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. Prior to her Ph.D. she completed her Master’s degree in Quantum Chemistry at the Université de Toulouse (France) in 2002.

Dr. Shiqi Hao

Dr. Shiqi Hao was a Post-doctoral Research Associate for the Boston Science Partnership Supplemental (BSPS) project between 2006-2009. As a member on the research team, he was in charge of the methodology including research design, developing and revising survey instruments, sampling, writing IRB proposals/modifications, conducting data collection, analysis and reporting. Prior to this position, he worked as a psychometrician for the South Carolina Department of Education’s Office of Assessment and as a Research Assistant for the Office of Program Evaluation, the University of South Carolina. He obtained his PhD degree in Educational Research from the University of South Carolina and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education from the City University of New York. In May, 2009 he joined the Michigan Department of Education as an Education Research Consultant (Psychometrician). He can be contacted via